Just like when you first enter a business venture, you must know the people that you will be doing business with or your target clients, in Forex trading, you need to know the type of broker that you need who can help you with your trades and can deal with transactions efficiently.

A broker may appear as an individual or a company that does all the financial transactions on behalf of the trader. Although you will be paying for their services in the form of commission, if you choose a good one, every penny will be worth it. Brokers don’t only work in Forex trading. There are also brokers working in real estate, insurance, stocks, and other financial assets. If you are lucky enough, you will land on a broker that actually executes that trade rather than gives advice only. If you are also interested in using a particular platform such as MetaTrader 5, you must pick a broker that offers this type of trading platform.


They are also referred to as investment brokers. Stockbrokers are best at trading stock shares. For investors who want to buy and sell stocks, stockbrokers will do the task instead of you. You just have to pay the transaction fee.

For hands-on traders, there is still a broker for you. The best option you have is to work with a discount stockbroker who executes trades if you are willing to pay around $5 to $15 every trade. Since you will have a discount if you hire this broker, you will also not enjoy the value-added services that are only available for a traditional stockbroker.

Full-Service Broker

Sometimes referred to as a financial adviser, full-service brokers provide a comprehensive service on top of the investment transactions including tax advice, retirement planning, and research. And since you’ll be enjoying more benefits if you hire this broker, you will also be asked to pay more for the services they offer. Most of the time, the fee for full-service brokers will grow higher based on the trade volume.


Derivatives, securities, and mutual funds are the specialty of these brokers. Most of these broker-dealers also work in investment companies and banks. There are also independent agencies that offer broker-dealer services.

Commodity Broker

If you want to venture into commodities trading, you can go to commodity brokers. They will help you buy and sell financial derivatives like futures and options where you will be investing in currencies, livestock, grain, bonds, stock indices, equities, metals, energy companies, and food products.

Direct-Access Broker

These brokers have limited commission and also have the smallest overhead because their operations are mostly online. Day traders can buy stocks and assets that are made by instant arrangements.

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Insurance Broker

An insurance broker takes care of health, new home, auto, life insurance policies. They will do all the legwork for you. They can also shop around unlike insurance agents.

Forex Broker

Similar to stockbrokers, forex brokers are able to trade investments instead of you. They specialize in different currencies and provide round-the-clock access to the market. A broker that offers MetaTrader 5 is also highly recommended.

Real Estate Broker

Now, if you are planning to buy or sell a home, real estate brokers will handle it for you. They mediate between the seller and the buyer but aren’t allowed to make decisions.